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Siilihai is a non-commercial open source project. To support development, please

The faster way to access web forums.

Remember Usenet News?

If you have read the Usenet News with a client such as Forte Agent or Mozilla Thunderbird, you already know what Siilihai is about. Siilihai tries to bring the powerful UI of newsreaders to the world of web forums.

Siilihai is a PC and mobile application and web service for accessing web forums. With Siilihai you can easily and quickly read the discussions on many forums. Instead of manually using the web browser to go to different forums, you see all your forums in a single compact view.

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Power of open source

The Siilihai client application is 100% open source software. Supporting a large library of forums requires a lot of effort, so Siilihai allows anyone with basic HTML skills to add support for a new forum.

Privacy and synchronization

Siilihai never sends the actual contents of messages or your passwords to the server - you can use it with private forums such as internal corporate forums. Siilihai can synchronize the message status between multiple computers and devices - you can use Siilihai at home, at work, on your laptop, and your phone/tablet. Siilihai synchronizes the messages between them with help of servers.
This is a feature not found even on advanced usenet news readers!

Off-line reading

You can download messages while connected and read them while not connected to the Internet - on plane, on train, on bus..

Powered by TapaTalk

Siilihai automatically supports any forum with TapaTalk plugin installed. Other forums are supported via parsers that users (you) can create.

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Contact at | Mailing List | Irc: #siilihai on IRCNet and Freenode