Siilihai Help

Load & Save

Here you can load or save a parser from Siilihai server. Your local parsers are not affected.

Access Restrictions

Here are the Siilihai access restrictions shortly: These instructions assume that you are not an administrator.

Open a parser

You can load ANY parser for editing. Note, that you can only create a new parser based on it, not modify it unless you are the owner. You can freely load any parser and see how it works.

New from request

Use this to create a new parser based on a forum request sent by a user. Displays a list of active forum requests. After choosing one, the forum url is set correctly and you are ready to create the parser.

Save changes

Saves the changes you have made to the parser. Again, you can only modify the ones you have created.

Save as new Parser

Saves your parser as a new parser on the server. Make sure that the parser is ready to be used or its type has been set as "Development/Testing".

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