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Siilihai is a non-commercial open source project. To support development, please

Three steps to use Siilihai

Step 1: Download the client

Download the Siilihai client and install it on your PC or phone.

Step 2: Register as a Siilihai user

You can do it now using web browser or later with the client software when you run it for the first time. Registration is optional, but you must register to use syncing and some other features.

Step 3: Subscribe to forums

You can browse the forums supported by Siilihai and subscribe to the ones you like. You can also choose which groups you are interested in and hide the rest.

Forum not supported?

Because web forums do not have a common way to access data, all forums require either a TapaTalk plugin installed by the forum administrator or a special parser to be usable with Siilihai.
If a forum you wish to read is not supported, you have three options:


There are some known limitations in Siilihai:

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