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Siilihai is a non-commercial open source project. To support development, please
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New Android release

The Android version has been updated to work with current library and has also bunch of fixes and cleanups. Please update.

Direct link to APK:


Server issues resolved, Siilihai 2.7 released

I have finally updated the server and client code to working state. This took much longer than expected, sorry.

On server side I had to:
 - Update Django to 1.7 -> 1.11 (not trivial, requiring real changes)
 - Migrate the database (trivial, although I made a development copy of the full db to test the migration and make sure no data is lost)
 - Figure out why all authentication stopped working (Django ended support for sha1 password hashes, had to enable them in config. All password hashes will be updated to new format)
 - Some refactorings - server code is really old and is really my first Django project so code quality is not too good. This caused some API changes as I fixed
some of the most stupid designs. There is still room for fixes but now it seems to work ok.

On the client side I had to do the changes in protocol and I took the chance to fix several other issues. This also took some time.

New client 2.7.0 is now uploading to Ubuntu PPA. It's available for Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty. 16.10 doesn't seem to have QtWebEngine plugin so older Ubuntu versions will get the client as Snap package.

Because of the server maintenance slowness I have decided to release the server also as open source. I am not an expert on Django but perhaps users can contribute enhancements that I don't have time to do.  More on this later.

I'd like to see community contributed Win & Mac builds for 2.7.0 soon. My Windows build environment is broken at the moment.

2017-09-09T07:19:47.343-07:00 down for server maintenance

The hosting company has upgraded their servers, causing the old Django version Siilihai's uses to stop working. This has caused a lot of downtime. Now the site is back up, but in barely working state.

I'm currently upgrading code to latest Django version.

If anyone who can code Django wants to contribute, let me know.

Sorry for this, it was a bit surprise for me too.


Siilihai 2.6 released

This version mostly fixes bugs & enhances the underlying architecture. It also should be faster after some profiling & optimizations.

This release is available for Linux only for now. I've decided to publish it as snap package from now on. Ubuntu users will find Siilihai in the software center. On other distros, you can install snap first (instructions here) and siilihai-client with it. This way Siilihai is available for practically all modern distros. Rpm/deb packaging can be done if needed.

I've had trouble with Windows packaging, as the latest Qt SDK doesn't install cleanly on Wine. Looks like I'll have to use real Windows to make builds. I'd really like if someone from community could take over the Windows builds. Mail me at if you want to do so. Windows version is to be released when I get it done.

New android version is in testing and will be available soon. It'll be published probably in F-Droid instead of Google Play.


Siilihai 2.5.0 released

New major visible feature is Discourse forum support. Discourse is a nice FOSS web forum software which has it's own API for reading messages. No TapaTalk needed for Discourse forums. Currently only reading Discourse forums is supported, but posting will be added later.

If you are starting a new forum, I can recommend using Discourse as the software.

Under the hood there have been a lot of refactoring and cleanups. Goal is to use 100% same c++ code on the desktop and mobile UI versions of the reader. There is no mobile version of 2.5.0 yet available, but that should follow soon.

This release is available for Ubuntu (Wily & Xenial) and Windows. Please give feedback if you like it and have a nice summer!


Siilihai 2.4.0 released

This update changes how update errors are handled. Instead of popping up a dialog for each error, Siilihai displays list of errors when you select the forum which caused them.

Built for Ubuntu Vivid & Windows. Sailfish & Android versions will also be updated later.


Siilihai 2.3.4 released

2.3.4 has a couple of minor updates:

Builds are for Win32 and Ubuntu Trusty & Utopic. Updated mobile versions coming later.


OS X version updated

A new build of Siilihai for OS X 10.10 has been contributed by user Blackskyliner. Please download it at:


Siilihai 2.3.3 released

2.3.3 is a minor maintenance release which brings some fixes related to forums with weird character encoding. Earlier it was impossible to subscribe forums with some bizarre Russian windows encoding but now it should work. Character encoding is now handled with QTextCodec which supports a large number of encodings.

If you are a forum owner, use UTF-8. Everything else is deprecated and just causes trouble.

This release is built for Ubuntu and Windows. Mac builder is still wanted.


Siilihai-mobile 2.1.0 released

What's new:

Released already for Sailfish at Warehouse. Android release to follow soon. Also a new version of desktop client is expected soon..


Siilihai-mobile 2.0.8 released

The mobile version 2.0.8 has been released for Sailfish and Android. New features:

The Android version is now available at Google Play. It costs $2 to download. It was a difficult decision to decide between free and paid app, but i decided to release as paid app. The reasons are:
Siilihai will continue to be open source, and the Android version will be available for free manual download. If you want to maintain a free version of Siilihai in any app store, you can do it.


Siilihai-mobile Sailfish in Warehouse repository

Jolla owners can now install Warehouse ("app store" for free apps) and install Siilihai from there. This allows updates to work.

 For detailed instructions see:

Siilihai-mobile is refused by Jolla's official Harbour store because it uses jpg and svg support. These are scheduled to be allowed in Harbour sometime in future.


Siilihai 2.3 released


This release is available for Ubuntu Saucy and Windows. More versions to be built on demand.

Report any issues you might find!


Siilihai-mobile for Android released!

Finally the Android version of Siilihai-mobile 2.0 is available. It uses 100% same code as the Jolla Sailfish version.

It can also be considered beta quality. It has not been tested it on real hardware yet.


If you don't know how to install .apk file on your device, try these instructions.

In future it will probably be uploaded to some app stores (Google Play & Yandex for example) for easy installation.


Siilihai-mobile for Jolla Sailfish released! (Updated: 30.12.2013)

I'm proud to announce availability of Sailfish version of Siilihai-mobile. It is an almost complete rewrite of the old Siilihai-mobile for Nokia Harmattan and i call it "version 2.0".

The ui works, but still requires some tuning. Known issues:

Consider this beta quality, and please report any issues you find.

On technical side, the new siilihai-mobile uses only standard QML elements - it does not use Sailfish or any other components that would break portability. Android version with 100% same source code to follow soon.

Download at:

Installation (while waiting for Harbour store acceptation):

Latest update: 30.12.2013


Siilihai 2.2.14 released

This (and the other minor releases between) contain mostly some bugfixes. Available for Ubuntu & Windows.

Siilihai mobile version has been getting some attention. The new version will be based solely on standard Qt 5.1 QML controls which are available on all platforms (desktop, MeeGo, Android). The mobile code is getting also some major refactoring and the codebase is getting smaller as things are made a bit more smartly.

Old Siilihai mobile used MeeGo Harmattan components which made it impossible to port to other platforms.

The new mobile version is already working nicely, but missing some vital features such as login/registration and group subscription management.


Siilihai 2.2.12 released

This one contains:

 - Several fixes to TapaTalk protocol support.
 - Group hierarchy is now shown in group list and group subscription dialog. This helps differentiating between groups with same name in large forums.
 - Win32 release now contains openssl dll's which are required to access https forums.  - Win32 release is no longer portable software, sorry. Windows versions since Vista require admin access to write to application directory and this has caused an unnecessary authentication dialog. Windows version now stores settings in the default location. This probably causes settings to be lost but if you use a Siilihai account, your subscriptions will be synced back to you when you log in.

 - Some other general bugfixes and refactoring as usual.

Thanks for everyone who have reported bugs!


Siilihai 2.2.10 released

Contains some fixes to authentication and TapaTalk protocol (thanks to ppl at #skrolli and TapaTalk forums).

And i forgot to note that this and previous versions use Qt 5 as default. Should also build with 4.x for now but the support may be dropped some day.

Lin+Win only, Mac version to be done if this one works well enough.


Siilihai 2.2.9 released

Fixes some bugs found in previous versions.

Currently available for Linux & Windows, Mac version available hopefully soon.


Siilihai-mobile for Harmattan updated

It's built against latest version of library - meaning less bugs. Download here:


Siilihai-mobile currently unavailable

Nokia has pulled the plug from so siilihai-mobile for Harmattan is no longer available. It will be uploaded to some time soon. Sorry for this.


Siilihai 2.2.7 released

..just fixes a crasher (assert) in libsiilihai caused when login to TapaTalk forum results in unexpected response.


Siilihai-mobile 1.0.2 released

No UI changes, but built against current version of Siilihai library which has some bugfixes. Available for MeeGo Harmattan and Mer.


Siilihai 2.2.6 released

- Parser maker was broken (wouldn't list groups), now fixed.
- Give warning instead of assert (looks like a crash) if a TapaTalk server sends unexpected message.

Available for Ubuntu & Windows.

I have also started work to build Siilihai on Qt5. 99% of the code is the same, but remaining 1% requires a little effort. The latest Windows build is built on Qt5.


Siilihai 2.2.5 released

Contain another small fix for crash in very rare conditions. For Ubuntu quantal & windows.

Next major planned feature: posting.


Contact at | Mailing List | Irc: #siilihai on IRCNet and Freenode